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What is uspaydaycashfast.com and what we do?

uspaydaycashfast.com (hereinafter “Company” or “our” our „we“) , owns and operates the website located at www.uspaydaycashfast.com, (hereinafter the “Site”). The Company maintains a customer database (hereinafter the “Service”) using the Site.

Company stockpiles customers contact and personal information and sells it the businesses on behalf of those customers if they have shown any interest in purchase of products and/or services provided by these businesses. The Company uses the contact and personal information of customers as makes it accessible to advertisement companies that advertise the Company and its Service. Then the promotional information about the Company and the Service can be send to customers by all means and by suing the details stockpiled in the Service. This advertising information is sent to customers after their giving an explicit consent for sending this information.

The Company can also provide customers with promotional information about its services to the customers by the Phone or E-mail. These can be done by the phone, in Opt-In option. Also they can be sent newsletters with advertisements. These advertisements are sent to e-mail addresses stores in the Service. These newsletters are send only the Members that are registered on the List of Members.

The Members can resign of being on this List of Members and get off our telephone calls and e-mail advertisements and they can do this at any time and without giving any explanation. They can request this by sending an email to: to contact@uspaydaycashfast.com, or they can do it on their own on our Website with choosing a Opt-Put link.

If you send this request t us, we will immediately delete your contact information from our List of Members. We will as well contact our third parties to not to contact you again and your details will be removed from their lists, too. In a case when your contact details were purchased from another company, we don’t give guarantee that you will not receive any newsletters or information sent by all other means, since we are not the only owner of your contact and personal details. We do our best to remove you from all contact lists of our affiliates and third parties, but we don’t take responsibility for so doing in case of companies or other entities beyond our control.

We protect your privacy.

We recognize your right to keep your privacy. We protect your personal details and unless your explicit content we don’t send your personal data to any parties. As per the following Privacy Policy we hereby inform that your personal details are not made accessible beyond the limits stipulated in this Privacy Policy. So we don’t send, give access, or sell your personal details to businesses that are not mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

We want to provide you with comfort and safety when using our Site and our Service. The aim of this Policy is to keep you informed about our and your rights and obligations. Read these provision of the Privacy Policy and make comments about clauses that you don’t understand or you don’t agree with. When you enter our Site or use the Service, you are obliged to read the Privacy Policy. When you enter our Site and use the Service we deem you have read these provisions of the Privacy Policy. During the use of our Site and Service, you fully understand and accept this Privacy Policy. If you don’t agree with the terms of Privacy Policy and you don’t accept them, you are obliged to leave our Site and no to use the Service.

The personal data of minors.

uspaydaycashfast.com doesn’t knowingly collect any information about minors under the age of 13 years old.

General information collection and use.

uspaydaycashfast.com can collect information about its current and potential customers on several point of the Site. We use this information to send details about our company to the acustomers. You have right to resign of receiving any e-mail from us using an opt-out option. Contact and financial information is collected to verify the information about you regarding name, surname and address. Only the following details are obligatory when you fill out the form: First name, Last Name, E-mail, ZIP, State, City, Home address, Length at Residence, Home Type, Gender, Driver License Number, Issuing State, Primary Phone, Cell Phone, Best contact time, Date of Birth, SSN, ABA/Routing Number, Bank Name, Bank Phone, Bank Account Number, Type of Account, Months at Bank, Employment Status, Employer Name, Job Title, Work ZIP, Work City, Work State, Work Phone, Monthly Income, Date of Hire, Pay Frequency, Next Paydate, Second Paydate, U.S Military status, Direct deposit.

uspaydaycashfast.com may automatically collect details of your hardware and software and it can be done by other service suppliers of the Company that collect this data for analytical and statistical purposes. This information can include the web browser type, you IP address, the time you was on our website, approximate location of your computer and referring websites. uspaydaycashfast.com uses these statistics to improve the service and collect traffic information regarding the Site. uspaydaycashfast.com doesn’t use databases of third parties to correct or update the information you have given us.

For your convenience and comfort you are not asked to fill our any registration forms. We will send you any information by any means, unless you explicitly agree for it.

Opt-Out option.

We provide the users of our website do choose an Opt-Out option. This option will make you able to not to receive any communication from us and you can also use it to refrain from using the Service. To use Opt-Out Option you can send a request to the following e-mail address: contact@uspaydaycashfast.com.

Also you can send a letter to the postal address:
Avlonos, 1 Maria House, 1075 Nicosia, Cyprus

Please take a note that participating in some activities on the Site can be limited, when personally identifiable information is not submitted for the user. We collect e-mails and letters regarding Opt-Out options and your requests in this matter will be processes (meaning: your details will be added to the Do-Not-Contact List) within 10 (ten) Business Days.


A cookie can be explained as data that is stored on hard drives This data is about the user, but doesn’t contain any personally identifiable information. The user can reject cookie and still use our website, but he or she may not be able to use some parts of the website. Cookies can also make us able to track information about customer contentment with the usage of our website and this option is available in cooperation with Web Trends, Inc. Cookies are tied to the personally identifiable information that you send us.

Some of our affiliates and business partners may use cookies on our Site, but we have no control over them and we don’t take responsibility of their functioning.


Our Site can provide you access to links leading you to other websites. The Company doesn’t take any responsibility of functioning of those websites. We are also not hold responsible for the privacy policies on those websites. We only take responsibility for our Site and each time the customer uses link to visit another website, he or she is due to read a privacy policy on that website.

This statement applies even to a case when we frame some websites with our own. Sometimes we may co-brand some services with third parties. At some point it will be made clear whose privacy policy will govern. We co-band with insurance brokers and automotive companies and credit bureaus.


We provide your data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure with different means of technological solutions. We gather these information in specially controlled facilities with limited access. When we collect strongly confidential information about our users we guarantee the security of this information with Secured Socket Layer in 128-bit technology.


We cannot guarantee that personally identifiable information collected, will never be made accessible within limits and for purposes not stipulated in this Privacy Policy. In example (that doesn’t limit the foregoing) we may be forced to give this information to the government within the obligations set by the law, and third parties. Some business partners or third parties may also intercept this information without our consent and/or against the law.

If you use our Opt-Out option we are entitled to disclose your information to our business partners and third parties so that they also can add you to their own Do-Not-Contact Lists. Since the Company quickly develops, we can buy other companies or assets of other companies. Also we can be a subject to merge or acquisition. In such transaction customer information is also deemed as an asset. Thus the information can be also sold other Company. If you want to get more information, please check “Notification of Changes” section.

We also reserve all rights to disclose the information when it is required by law, or it is demanded to commence and proceed with legal action when rights and interests of the Company, business partners or other visitors and customers can be abused (with our without intention), or when we strongly belief that this disclosure is required by the law.

We also reserve the right to disclose your personally identifiable information when we believe that is demanded to execute court action, judicial decision or to protect our rights and interests.

Sharing information with affiliates

Upon sending your request for information or quote uspaydaycashfast.com and/or its affiliates are granted right to contact you. We can share the information with affiliates like banks, licensed lenders or loan brokers in order to fulfill all requests that you send to us. This is in order to provide you with the best quality of service, keep you informed about all our products and services and products and services of our affiliates: such as financial service providers, for example: mortgage and life insurance agencies, title service companies, debt & credit services companies and auto finance companies.

According to this Privacy Policy the “affiliate company” is a company that is legally bided by a contract with uspaydaycashfast.com or a company in which uspaydaycashfast.com has got full or partial ownership.

Information shared with co-branded partners.

Some services will co-branded with our partners, and co-branded service will be identified on your Quote Request Form. In case of quotes and requests about this co-branded service your personally identifiable information will be sent to those partners who provide co-branded services but not to uspaydaycashfast.com. For purposes of tracking and identifying your personally identifiable information is shared with uspaydaycashfast.com. In all other cases it is controlled by those Product and Service providers.

We are entitled to use your personally identifiable information to send you information about services, customized content and advertisement you have requested. You are notified on all rates regarding the standard messaging service. You can use Opt-Out option to not to use the SMS service, with sending a “STOP”, “END”, “QUIT” messages to the number from which you receive text messages. If you remove your information using this step, your information that can be utilized for any SMS messaging services will not be used for any purpose by the Company or any of its affiliates.

Do Not Call Registry Compliance.

You hereby agree for contacting you via phone, e-mail or mail by uspaydaycashfast.com its affiliates and business partners, upon submitting your personal information. You also give consent to uspaydaycashfast.com to receive phone calls or e-mail from uspaydaycashfast.com, its affiliates and business partners, when you register on the Site. It includes but is not limited to the lenders that can contact you regarding a loan. You waive your right to register a complaint to the FCT regarding this information that you sent us while the submission and/or registration.

Former customers details.

The rules of procedure regarding the data of our former customers are as same as in a case data of our current customers.

Rules of security and confidentiality

We don’t give access to your nonpublic information to employees who don’t necessarily need it. We fully comply with all the federal and state laws regarding nonpublic information. We guarantee the confidentiality and security of your information. We guarantee the full integrity of data that we received from you. If the information about you changes contact us by e-mail.

Site and service updates.

You may not be able to delete your subscription from our service at the time when our website is upgraded or under the maintenance. We will inform you about such maintenance or about the upgrade.

Notification of changes.

In case of use of the information that we have received from you for purpose different that you originally agreed for at the time when you sent us this information, we will notice you about this. When this purpose is materially different than the original, we will publish a notice on our website and it will be available to read there for 30 days. Also we can contact you over the phone or we can send you an e-mail about this.

The Right to Correct or Update Information.

Contact us on contact@uspaydaycashfast.com if you would like to correct or update any of your details that we have got from you. Our postal address:
Avlonos, 1 Maria House, 1075 Nicosia, Cyprus